pennsic XXXIX, August 2010

I fought this year, so there aren't any pictures of the major battles. These are only from the Wednesday, 2nd week.

  • Royalty are rarely repetitive unless out-of-focus.
  • Good bashing and then shaking hands is not repetitive.
  • One-on-one combat is rarely repetitive and never boring
  • Good focus and the ability to see the eyes is not repetitive.

Fencing Tournament: A little fencing, and the spectators who were watching. including Their Majesties Edward and Marguerite.
Champions Battles includes three groups of photos. There is the awarding of the Tabards, the Belted Champions and the Unbelted Champions.
Afterwards, The Battle of Hastings reenactment in which those with Saxon chainmail and Spangenhelms or Norman kits fought it out on the hill above the Eastern Pavilion. This time, the Saxons won the battles but everyone won the day. Good time was had by all.

I am working on a prettier page for teh large versions, but for now I've just linked to them. When I get around to it, I'll be hooking it all up to a database and doing it up right. For now, though, enjoy.

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